About us

Looking for a vintage home to rediscover the old fashioned style of living? The vintage style is quickly becoming a viable option for more and more people. It started with clothes and furniture, only to affect the real estate industry too. These days, you can buy an old house that brings in the ultimate standards and technologies while maintaining its vintage appearance and profile. We are a team of real estate professionals who saw an opportunity in bringing beautiful buildings back to life. Therefore, we have grown to become your number one choice if you are trying to deal with a vintage property.

Most people trying to sell a vintage house will reach to us. We have the right connections and we know where to advertise the property to help them get rid of it overnight. We represent more than just a real estate agency – we are a meeting hub for vintage lovers. In some situations, we may not even have to list your property for sale because we already have a few potential buyers waiting for the next available property. Believe it or not, we sold vintage houses in less than 45 minutes.

The same rule applies if you are looking forward to buy a vintage property. We have also developed connections all around this industry. Therefore, we know about houses going out for sale before they are actually listed. We can take some shortcuts for you, which means there will be no other bidders to make higher offers and increase the price. We will save you both money and time – no doubts about it. Do not take our words for granted, but check our Trustpilot reviews. We are currently the highest rated real estate agency for vintage properties.

We are proud to say that each customer is a priority until we meet their expectations. It makes no difference what you have in mind. The real estate industry is mostly about your imagination and dreams. We have the experience and knowledge to make these dreams come true. We have 10 real estate agents, a few architects and specialists to fully analyze a vintage property to ensure the price is correct. We want to make sure there are no hidden defects or issues. If they affect you and your investment, they will inevitably affect our reputation as well.

From this point of view, we treat your case as if it was ours. Get in touch with us today and let us know what you expect from this collaboration. Whether you try to buy, sell, rent or let, we are here for you. We also provide full property management services for those who want to let their vintage properties – just ask about it.​